Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum Review


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Key Benefits:

  • Actually Works: visibly diminished dark spots and evened out skin tone
  • Safe Ingredients: no hydroquinone or mercury


  • Expensive: very difficult for many women to fit into their budget
  • Texture: watery and difficult to apply, creating waste
  • Packaging: pump makes it difficult to regulate amount you use


Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum is one of the top brightening products on the market, promising to restore skin radiance and luster in weeks.

It comes in a small pump, which creates some difficulties in application. It can be hard to get the exact amount you need, which is frustrating when you're paying so much.

It also has a watery consistency, which isn't the most pleasant feeling, but what's worse is because it's difficult to spread, you'll get a lot of it absorbing into your fingers instead of where you really need it.

Once it's on, it absorbs quickly and feels fine. You can apply makeup over it easily, although it's recommended for night use.

All of these minor nuisances are more tolerable after you see how the product works. It takes a couple weeks, but you'll eventually see an even, lustrous skin tone.

Shiseido doesn't generally publish its ingredient lists, but we were able to confirm that this product is mercury- and hydroquinone-free, which is important for health and safety.

It was fine for sensitive skin, although it's not very good as a moisturizer, so if you have dry skin you might want to use it in conjunction with a quality moisturizer.


Shiseido is known for making expensive products, and this is no exception, retailing for around Rs.11,000.00 per ounce. Each ounce will last anywhere from a month and a half to two months. That’s a sizable investment in your looks, but at least the product delivers on its promises.

Shiseido has a reputation for making pricy but effective products, and that seems to be the case here as well. Their White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum helps restore skin radiance and brightness, but at a steep price.

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